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Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a 1994 heritage site covers an area of 996 km2 which stretches 120 km along the Congo border. It is a block mountain formed as a result of faulting. The Rwenzori Mountains is the third highest in Africa, with six glacial peaks: Stanley, Mount Speke, Mount Emin Pasha, Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi da Savoia and Mount Baker.

The main peaks, Margherita (5,109m) and Alexandra (5,083m) on Mount Stanley, are exceeded in altitude elsewhere in Africa only by Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. The first European who climbed the peaks was in 1906 the Italian Prince Luigi Amedeo da Savoia, Duke of Abruzzi and the oldest ever recorded person to climb mount Rwenzori was 78 in 2010, miss Beryl Park.


Kidepo NP


There are 76 mammal species, the big five and others respectively including rothschild giraffes, Savannah elephants, lions, Cape buffaloes, giraffes, leopards, spotted hyenas, Uganda kobs, bush buck, waterbuck, warthogs, Oribi and jackal. And over 450 bird species.


- Launch trips to the bottom of the falls and hike to the top of the falls

Famous Murchison falls launch trip from Paraa along the river Nile up to the bottom of Murchison Falls to see the aquatic wildlife like; Hippos, Nile Crocodiles and water birds like cormorants, pelicans, herons, fish eagle, shoebill stork. Tiresome but worth taking, Hike to the top of the falls is another really interesting activity that lets you see the spectacular falls from different angles, giving a great opportunity for some really nice pictures.

- Game drives
The Game drives north of river Nile and at Lake Albert Delta (Buligi, Albert and Queen's tracks) are such a great adventure, seeing various big game. Sport fishing (Nile Perch and tiger fish) is a rarely desired activity by visitors to this park but it's one that can be enjoyed that on the Victorian Nile.


Murchison Falls national park with the adjoining Karuma and Bugungu Wildlife Reserves can be accessed through different routes that will lead to the Paraa Park headquarters. It can also be reached by air using the daily flights from Entebbe International Airport or chartered aircrafts from Kajjansi airfield to Pakuba airfield, 19 km Northwest of Paraa and south at Bugungu, 13 km from the park headquarters.

The most commonly used route is Kampala via Masindi town to Kichumbanyobo Gate which is about 300 km long and takes an average of 4.5 hours. This route is currently considered the shortest and most convenient with 175 km on a good road 125 km of the journey on fine Murram road. This route takes you through Kaniyo Pabidi Forest before encountering the rift valley escarpment that offers a spectacular view of Murchison falls landscape.


Murchison does provide wide variety of accommodation facilities like the Paraa safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Nile safari lodge (Luxury), Budongo Eco lodge, Sambiya River lodge, Murchison River lodge, Fort Murchison lodge (Mid-range) and Red chilli rest camp (Budget accommodation) among others.

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